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Barclay’s Construction Ltd was founded by Seymour Barclay in November 2007 as a full service construction company. It provides contracting services, which include both large and small scale construction and repairs and alteration projects on residential and commercial properties.

Barclay’s mission is to develop into one of the Island’s leading construction firms by providing the best quality and most efficient service. To achieve this we will invest in ways that will benefit the Company to be at a competitive advantage for our costumers by providing prices that are fair and reasonable to our clients needs.

Our company objective is to provide our clients with premier quality service that is reflective of their ideas. We achieve this goal by giving our clients undivided attention, listening to their needs and working with them to create and execute their vision. We will service our clients’ needs promptly and efficiently and maintain excellent working relationships with them. Whether this is our clients’ first house, a commercial building or renovations we want their experience to be memorable in a positive way.  

Meet our Employees

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Current projects

Current projects include:

35th America's Cup Bermuda event village.

Medical Center- Reid St

Scarrington Hill

Team Red Bull 

35th America's Cup Bermuda

Company Portfolio

Scarrington Hill

Team Red Bull